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Coaching impacts a company’s performance by strengthening its most fundamental competitive advantage – its people.





Clarity of situation, culture, systems and setting

Accurate interpretation guiding strategy, change, and/or alignment


Interpersonal Dynamics (feed-forward and feedback)

Empathy leading to effective relationships


Thoughts, emotions and triggers


Central to the process of leadership coaching is developing greater awareness of self, others and situational context. These three areas yield important information for more conscious self-management, higher quality relationships, and behavior that is consistent with organizational needs.

Through a process of assessment and feedback, leadership coaching develops a more profound understanding of ourselves and how others perceive our leadership. Using a feedback loop system our clients have a forum to explore and leverage their strengths while simultaneously practicing new behaviors that align with their authentic leadership style.

We look for three key factors for success through coaching;
Self-awareness – I figured out my issue(s) or someone alerted me
Sense of urgency – I want to start working on it today
Willingness to socialize – I realize I have a behavior I want to modify, and I welcome feedback

Leadership and Executive Coaching Clients learn how to:

  • Develop a strategic leadership vision that provides direction and accelerated growth.
  • Identify emotions and understand their impact in communication and relationship building.
  • Introduce choice into the unconscious processes that drive and motivate our behaviors.
  • Fine tune strategic thinking, communication and decision making.
  • Develop a plan for sustainable results.

What People Are Saying...

  • "This course has helped train my eye and my mind to see more emotions in others, and as a result, have more successful interactions with others when they are emotional.  I am more likely to notice things earlier, before escalation, when the potential to make better choices is stronger."

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  • "As a sport's coach, I am really grateful to all the trainers for providing me knowledge and competencies for my work. As a person, it was not just a pleasure, but a rich experience that helped me to know more about human emotions and also about mine. With this course I have been able to create tools that can help my players in a sportive and a personal way."

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  • "Maggie and Mike created a good safe zone for sharing and learning. Some of the content was highly sensitive and personal, but was comfortable and inspiring and informative because of the presenters’ level of expertise, guidance and insights."

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  • "Maggie and Mike were excellent at engaging. It’s material that I’ve been exposed to before, but never in a comprehensive manner. It has increased my awareness of how my emotional state and it’s physical manifestations affect my colleagues."

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