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Welcome to People Intell Institute

Your business partner in positioning the leaders in your organization to learn, grow and develop starting with the fundamental skill of emotional intelligence. 

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Recognizing emotions in others, coupled with self-awareness is where constructive interactions, deeper understanding and ROI begins. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for key leadership skills-building in the 21st century, and has become one of the most sought after corporate training courses in this century. 

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People Intelligence – The Science
Book this interactive lunch-and-learn at your location - contact us!
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Emotional Skills and Competencies
Nov 16-17, 2015 | Manhattan, NYC

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Evaluating Truth and Credibility
Nov 18-20, 2015 | Manhattan, NYC

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Face and Emotion - FACS
Online Sept. 7 to Oct. 30, 2015

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EKMAN METT 3.0 - $79 learn more buynow
EKMAN SETT 3.0 - $59 learn more buynow
EKMAN METT LITE - $20 learn more buynow
EKMAN METT PLUS - $99 learn more buynow
EKMAN METT PROFILE - $49 learn more buynow
METT 3.0 / SETT 3.0 COMBO - $99 learn more buynow
EKMAN FACE SUITE - $210 learn more buynow

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Interview Mike Palestina & Maggie Pazian, People Intell from the Enterprise Learning!

Conference & Expo 2013 Closing Keynote: Lie To Me The Science Of Emotional Skills and Deception.

What People Are Saying...

  • "This course has helped train my eye and my mind to see more emotions in others, and as a result, have more successful interactions with others when they are emotional.  I am more likely to notice things earlier, before escalation, when the potential to make better choices is stronger.

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  • "As a sport's coach, I am really grateful to all the trainers for providing me knowledge and competencies for my work. As a person, it was not just a pleasure, but a rich experience that helped me to know more about human emotions and also about mine. With this course I have been able to create tools that can help my players in a sportive and a personal way.

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  • “I attribute that success all to the team at Ekman International in Manchester. The workshops were very clear and logical and the materials are some of the best formatted and presented participant packages that I have ever encountered...yes ever!” 

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  • "I found the ETaC course to be very professionally organized, brilliantly structured so as to ensure that the information was not only delivered well, but also understood and assimilated by the participants... "

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Paul Ekman Group New England and Mid Atlantic

We offer core modules designed and approved by Dr Ekman in Mid-Atlantic and Northern United States. If you see this logo then the course is Paul Ekman approved.

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